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Penturian is coming!

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Penturian is coming!

Penturian is the next novel that Tim and I chose to finish. You can read about our other unfinished titles from the Upcoming Titles page on the main page here.

We’re in the final push. Oh I so dearly hate that expression. It makes me think of long caffeinated nights slaving over a computer swearing at “Unknown Errors” spewed forth by ancient Microsoft compilers. It also makes me think of some of my favorite Blackadder episodes (so not all bad). But this real is the final push. We are in the final, final edition stages and are working with artists for cover artwork. Originally I had targeted the end of February as a release date but if you know me, you know better than believe any dates I give you.

You can read more about Penturian from the main page as well. It is an epic fantasy adventure with a little science fiction mixed in for good measure. How would you stop a war which will occur 4,000 years in the future? Read Penturian and find out what Zondela does. She’s one amazing character being first among Penturians!

You can view the full image of the thumbnail on my Flickr account.

Gibson Out.

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