Upcoming Titles

Tim and I have a number of projects in the works. After Penturian, we’d like to finish Nova Tigers which is a science fiction story about xenophobia and a struggle to survive. We also have The War Machines of von Saarik. This was our first serious writing foray. It is a story about a combat engineer who gets sucked in a fantasy world and has to use his knowledge of engineering to placate his summoner, a witch named Shelia.

Recently I dug up a couple of old binders with pages and pages of double spaced dot matrix text. Thankfully I stopped to see what it was before recycling it. Turns out it is a long lost novel that Tim and I wrote way back in the 80’s. I had completely forgotten about it. The title page shows “The Black Dragon of Esterkell”. Vintage Gibson Brothers work! I’m almost afraid to read it and see how bad our writing was back then. Still, a rush of excitement came over me as I remembered characters like Dragon the Fierce and Pharazon the Golden. Someday I will type it all in and we’ll see if we can salvage it.

There are too works that Tim has done himself that are excellent and we know our fans expect sequels to Sea of Dekatos (and likely Penturian after they read it) so those will come eventually.

Where we direct our energy largely depends on you. Tell us what you want to see next and if we get enough interest we’ll do it.

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