What’s With the Price of eBooks?

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Don’t publishers get it? I guess not. Most eBooks are priced higher than a normal paperback and some even higher than hard cover. That just does not make any sense. Sure they need to make money and sure they want to make a lot of money. I just don’t think this is the way. I for one do not feel that $10 or $12 is acceptable for something purely digital. For titles I know I want and authors I respect, I would pay up to $5 but that’s the limit. What publishers need to know is that if prices were more like $1 to $5 dollars, I would take more chances on unknown works, buy more books and ultimately spend more money.

Our book, Sea of Dekatos is priced at $0.99. In my mind that is low. However, I understand that its not fair to ask people to take a chance on an unknown author and expect them to pay big bucks. That’s the beauty of eBooks. They can be priced low without loosing money to encourage sales.

That’s not the case with the printed version. Sea of Dekatos is also available in paperback. I printed and published that myself (no vanity press here!) and the $10 price barely covers expenses (ignoring all the hours we worked on it). Worse than that, if I ship them myself through regular mail the postage alone would cost as much as the book itself. Crazy. Digital is the way to go. Embrace it. Love it. Read it.

Gibson Out.

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